About Us

Convenient, Flexible, and Individualized tutoring


Tutoring Program


Our method of tutoring is simple, efficient, highly effective, and proven over the years. We tutor in the comfort of student’s own home, or a chosen safe location, which is free of any distraction. A minimum of ONE HOUR per week tutoring is offered to meet each individual student's specific needs in the subject area. Student's total time requirements and specific educational needs are assessed and recommended during initial FREE consultation performed by our director.


Curriculum and Study Material


We mainly focus on student's current year's work per school curriculum and help them understand the concepts, emphasize on weak knowledge areas, work on their assignments, or homework, and prepare them for their quizzes, and tests. Student’s time is effectively utilized for completing the school work, and improving their subject knowledge, study skills, and grades. We may occasionally recommend the students to have supplemental material for advancement. Students are requested to buy text books / supplemental educational books if they are out of the school program, or undergoing home schooling.


Affordable Rates


Our price for the tutoring service is reasonable and is highly competitive with other tutoring services in the industry. We believe in quality, and make all efforts to meet student's learning experience, and educational requirements.


Flexible Schedules


EZT tutors work around student’s schedules and convenience and set the tutoring sessions accordingly.


Month-to-Month Contract


EZT does not bind any student, or client with a long-term contract for offering the tutoring service. Each student is signed up for a month-to-month contract with an opportunity to discontinue the service with just a month notice.

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